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Report on life form classifications:


Written by Laurence Windom
EBE’s: Extraterrestrial Biological Entities - carbon based corporeal aliens. Among this group, there are several variations. The LOCAL BIOLOGICALS, which are often referred to as the Greys. THE CARETAKERS. Reptilian in origin, these creatures are a form of hybrid race. They are basically biologists. Another variety is also a hybrid form which are often referred to as "The SPONSORS". They are similar to the greys but taller with a variety of racial mixtures. They are also a hybrid species. “The NAVIGATORS”. Are an extremely thin and fragile species with a suit like exoskeleton that resembles the EBE’s commonly mistaken as Greys. They also are the only known biological species to make the transition from EBE to NBE. The main forms of communications for these creatures are telepathic and on some occasions, audible oral. Most biologicals are individual mind based societies although they can communicate on a hive mind level.
The main agenda for known EBE’s is to STUDY and PRESERVE (although some say protect) Earth, which is within their galactic domain. Earth is of little interest within the galactic political sphere at large.
NBE’s: Non Biological Entities that are energy based. Most likely comprised of magnetic or electrical forces and are non corporeal. These entities are trans-dimensional and can appear to be in multiple locations at once. NBE’s appear to be hive mind based culture, although this cannot be confirmed.
Some NBE’s have been known to use a “VEHICLE OF CONTACT”, which are physical representations of Administrators that are used as bodies so they may interact in the physical word.  The most common vehicle is the “ORB”, a sphere of energy and light that can appear and interact.  It is a type of advance scout probe for many species. Another known vehicle of contact is referred to as “FACIMILIES” a type of holographic Avatar. This ghostlike representation can appear in human form but is either a telepathic impression or in some cases comprised of nano matter and has very little true mass.
The main agenda of NBE’s is unknown. Although NBE’s have deity status to most Biologicals, there are limited communications between the two forms.
The concept of hybrids is common among biological species (the human race by default is a hybrid race.) It is estimated that 70% of corporeal beings in the galaxy are hybrid in nature.  (25% by intelligent design.)



Notes on project codenamed: EVE


Internal memos show that project manager, Laurence Windom, lost controlling interest in the Zenex Corporation through a hostile take over. The company folder Windom was framed as an embezzler, but this was a cover up for the fact that factions within the U.S. Government wanted to militarize the project codenamed: EVE. Windom claimed to want the project for peaceful scientific exploration. His real motivation was to discover the fate of his late wife, Margaret and the nature of the non corporeal beings called the ADMINISTRATORS with whom Margaret had made contact with.
Among the many discoveries into the nature of extraterrestrials is the fact that Windom was quoted as saying the Administrators had given him the solution to the “Fermi Paradox”, but he would not share that conclusion.  He also claimed that the idea that hybrids was among the human race was academic because the human race was a hybrid race to begin with. (25% by design since the break between primitive humans and homo sapiens.)
The being which they had made contact with was an NBE named, EVE. The reason for the name was the beings very compelling power it had over anyone it made contact with. Upon contact, the subject would be subjected to intense sexual feelings combined with lack of moral inhibitions. The result would be called the “Eve effect” as it was compared with being tempted and once giving in to the said temptations, would do anything, even violent acts, to fulfill that temptation. Windom proposed that since there were indications that the being could have been interacting with humans for thousands of years, it is possible that she could be the inspiration for the concept of “Eve” in the the biblical legend of Adam and Eve.
One other side effect is that the subjects would then be highly susceptible to suggestion or even brainwashing. It was concluded that the influence of the creature over a subject was so strong, that only a combination of hypnosis therapy and subliminal messages could be used to control a subject. One early conclusion was that this effect could be used to create sleeper assassins for military use. This was one of the principal reasons for the militarization of the project. Another finding is that a properly trained subject with a high aptitude in the skill “Remote Viewing” may be the only way to establish meaningful communications between an NBE and biological entities.
The early final conclusions on practical tests were mixed results. It was concluded that the results were too unreliable for military use. There was speculation that elements within the defense department continued black op funding on the project contrary to the official story that the project was scrapped.



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