Silent Threat

The Probe

(360 Virtual Reality)

9 min, 2017

Written and Directed by Aldo Romero

An automated space probe named "Annie Em" encounters an extraterrestrial spacecraft on Titan. This is the story of Earth's first fully aware and functioning artificial intelligence. Too bad Earth will never know. The questions posed in this piece stretch the definitions of what is considered intelligence and fully sentient awareness.

The 3D designs of "Annie Em", the probe spacecraft and all science are based on many of the designs of the real life space mission, the Huygens, an atmospheric entry probe that landed successfully on Saturn's moon Titan in 2005. Built and operated by the European Space Agency, it was part of the Cassini–Huygens mission and became the first spacecraft ever to land on Titan and the farthest landing from Earth a spacecraft has ever made.



The making of the probe


Silent Threat: The webisodes


Episode One: Prelude

16 min, Copyright 2013

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Silent threat tracks the stories of different characters who use a social media website for UFO abductees called "Silent Threat". Pete Winston, a former freelance news reporter, uses the Silent Threat site to submit a video testimonial of an incident in which he discovers a crashed UFO in Iowa thirty years earlier.

Episode Two: Prologue

16 min, Copyright 2013

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

Pete Winston's continued interest in investigating other UFO incidents clashes with the mandate of the Silent Threat site and its artificial intelligence, Naima.

Episode Three : The Disappeared

14 min, 2015

Written and Directed By Aldo Romero

A private investigator named Scatter Rodriguez uncovers the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called "The Disappeared" while investigating a case of corporate espionage. Scatter begins to see"visions" of the enigmatic beings as he discovers the focus of his new client's interest involves alien technology.

Silent Threat: Trailer




Explore the secrets of the Zenex corporation




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SILENT THREAT : The Episodic Series

Tracing three families of diverse backgrounds, we follow the timeliness and repercussion of various family members that were UFO abductees.

WILLIE ALVAREZ, a thirty-nine-year-old supermarket clerk, is the son of a maid of Mexican decent gets caught up in a plot involving two mysterious government agents trying to sell stolen classified government technology when they encounter a UFO on a deserted highway.

CALVIN WILLIAMS, a thirty-five-year-old African American blog writer, has a family history of abductions and discovers that his grandmother was a subject of the Tuskegee experiments.

ANGIE CARSON, the daughter of an unemployed mechanic who had an encounter with extraterrestrials when she was a baby, comes to believe that her son Daryl Jr. is being groomed to be a sleeper assassin for the military.

LAURENCE WINDOM, a particle physicist and CEO of the Zenex Corporation, is among various military and intelligence types who respond to an incident in 1986 when a laser satellite shot down a UFO that crashes in Raccoon Iowa.


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Scenes from the webisode, "SILENT THREAT".


About The filmmakers

Aldo Romero, the executive Director of Symbiotic Films has worked in the production department on such productions as THE SIEGE, GODZILLA, DIE HARD WITH A VENGENCE, THE PROFESSIONAL, CARLITOS WAY and A BRONX TALE as well as television shows like NYPD BLUE and NEW YORK UNDERCOVER. Independent film Projects Aldo Romero has worked on as Visual Effects and post production supervisor include: THE FINAL EQUATION, VODKA ROCKS, NORMAN NORMAL and the television pilot SMALL MIRACLES for Small Miracles LLC. Original film projects include SIMULATOR, which aired on the acclaimed PBS channel thirteen series REEL NEW YORK and RESURGENCE, a 911 documentary. He produced and directed STORAGE UNIT # 57 which screened as part of the 2007 Cannes Short Film Corner, the animated short, THE SECRET LIFE OF COINS and was chosen for the 2010 Latino Producers Academy with his feature project, SILENT THREAT, the web series. SILENT THREAT: PRELUDE, won best short film award at the Big Mini DV film festival. The follow up installment, SILENT THREAT: THE DISAPPEARED won best webisode at the 2014 Philip K. Dick Film Festival. THE PROBE, his first virtual reality film was featured at the 2017 New York Science Fiction Film Festival and the 2018 Philip K. Dick Film Festival.

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